Printed Biodegradable Plastic Bags

Planet Packaging supply a wide variety of custom printed plastic bags for retail and commercial use:
Aperture, Patch, Flexiloop, Clip Close, Duffle, Draw Tape, Punch Handle bags.

All the plastic bags are manufactured with a biodegradable additive. This can be either DEG 68UK, Biothene or D2W or the new Carbon neutral Sugarpoly.

Planet Packaging aim to make printed plastic bags intelligent, it start to degrade once they have come to the end of their useful life, this is usually when it enters landfill.

The heat of landfill will accelerate the degrading process of any of the additives listed above leaving inert molecules which cause no harm to the environment.


Flexiloop Handle Carriers

Often seen as the ‘bag for life’. These are generally made from 75 micron biodegradable film so they have a longer life and can take repeat use without the film ripping.

They come in a wide variety of colours printed from one colour to full colour process print as we understand the look is equally important to the quality of the bag.

Aperture handle Bag

Aperture handle, also known as Punch or Patch Handle, these bags are reinforced carrier bag – the most common carrier bag on the high street.  Available printed from 500 bags upward, produced to the hightest standard from one colour to full colour process print.

Wide variety of film colours available to suit your brand needs.

Clip close handle bags

Usually seen as a heavy duty style carrier bag, suited to spill kits, cool bags and anything that requires extra protection for the goods inside.  The film is low density polythene and features a solid durable clip close handle which is heat welded to the top of the bag giving it that luxury durable look and feel.

We can offer digitally printed clip close handle bags on quantities from 100 upward.

Plastic Duffle Bags

Will impress your audience with the fashionable look, extra strength, durability and the option to have from one colour to full colour print. 


We can offer digitally printed duffle bags on quantities from 100 upward

Draw Tape bags

Generally seen in the hotel industry and used for guest laundry bags.  Pull the handle in the middle and the top of the bag closes, available in a variety of sizes and colours to suit your brand.


Please call to discuss your requirements.

Poly Mailing Bags

Bespoke printed mailing bags are becoming ever popular with the rise in online shopping. Show your brand off to its maximum. We can offer bespoke printed mailers in co-ex film which is black on the inside and white on the exterior to hide the contents, with a strong adhesive sealing strip to prevent the contents spilling out.

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