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With over 20 years experience Planet offer packaging products and services to help you reduce costs and increase efficiency. From printed paper or polythene bags – stock sizes or bespoke to your needs through to air cushion bubble and bespoke printed tape to mail our your product.

Free quote on any kind of packaging, plain or printed.

Printed Boxes

Punched handle varigauge bags are a versatile bag. The benefit of a varigauge film is its twice the film thickness at the top of bag to give the punch handle area extra strength easily able to carry 5kg

A cigar or kidney shaped handle is punched out at the top of the bag where the film is thickest to give it strength.

Polythene film comes in a wide variety of colours and thicknesses.

Planet Packaging supply three standard varigauge film thicknesses, 45/90, 50/100 and 62.5/125 micron(180/360, 200/400 and 250/500 gauge).

Punched handle varigauge bags can be printed from one spot colour on one or both sides up to 4 colour spot print.

Branded Tapes

We can supply both vinyl and polypropylene tapes, printed from one up to four spot colours. Standard base colours are white, clear or buff however if your design requires a different background we can flood coat the background colour onto the tape.

Printed adhesive tape can be supplied within 7-10 working days from approval of artwork.  With minimum quantity starting from 36 rolls why not give your business the competitive edge with branding without breaking the bank.

Industrial Packaging

Planet Packaging can provide a wide range of industrial packaging to suit most industrial requirements, we are able to supply a wide range of plain or printed tapes, latex, vinyl and nitrile gloves, black sacks, compactor sacks, swing and pedal bin liners, laundry bags right through to polythene aprons. 

  • We can supply stretch wrap, puncture resistant for use on wrapping machines.
  • Jiffy padded envelopes for postal protection
  • Mail lite bags which can be printed with your logo.
  • Different bubble wrap with large or small bubble depending on your requirements.
  • Swing tickets, plain or printed to mark up your products with a description or sale price in retail outlets.

For securing your goods in transit we have a full range of strapping and tools for every application, we have polypropylene for hand and machine strapping. To stop your products moving round in boxes during transit we have a huge variety of void fill and bubble wrap products to suit your requirements.

Layflat Tubing

All polythene products start life as this type of film, layflat tubing is the most economical and easiest way to package objects of the same width but various lengths. Layflat tubing is ideal for packaging ‘difficult to wrap’ items.

Insert your product into the tubing and you can either tie the film in a knot or use cable ties to secure both ends.

Layflat tubing can be manufactured in many film thickness in a range of colours dependent on quantity ordered. The film can be treated so labels can adhere to the film without any problems. Logos can be printed along the film, this would be a random print going down the film.

The film can be extruded with biodegradable additives, ultraviolet inhibitors and anti-blocking agents to aid in opening the film ups.

Barrier Tape

Flexilble barrier tape is suitable for highlighting potential hazards and dangers. Ideal for sports events, ongoing building works and used by the emergency services to cordon off areas they are working in.

We can print up to 3 spot colours on low density polyethylene film from 40micron to 80micron. With low minimum orders we have a fast turnaround often within 10 working days.

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Aggregate Sacks

Aggregate sacks are used for putting gravel, sand, concrete waste and any other material that needs transporting, these are resistant to tearing or punctures so they can be reused many times.

These are standard open-mouthed bags with a welded bottom base for strength, we can also perforate them to let your product breath and emboss the sack so it can be stacked without slippage on pallets.

Use our experience to help you figure out a solution, we have spent years manufacturing a variety of sacks for decorative aggregates. There’s a multitude of experience at Planet Packaging, so you don’t have to be an expert to get the perfect result.

The common sizes available are 25kg and 40kg however, we can provide any size you require, our minimum order quantities are 3,000 printed sacks subject to your print requirement.

Refuse Sacks

The majority of our sacks, either refuse or heavy-duty are manufactured using recycled polythene.

Refuse sacks come in a variety of sizes, the main stock size being 18x29x39″ we can manufacture sacks from 150mm to 1500mm in width from 10micron up to 250micron film thickness.

We can offer the printed refuse recycling sacks in either low, medium or high-density polyethylene film with different options of a linear blend to strengthen the finished sack. There are numerous film colours available, along with biodegradable additives, ultraviolet inhibitors, anti-static additives, low slip and high slip additives dependent on what the bag is going to be used for.

We can manufacture printed refuse recycling sacks in bespoke sizes to order, minimum quantities from 1,000 bags depending on print.

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