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Layflat Tubing

Layflat Tubing and a glossary of terms for film:

Layflat Tubing – LFT

This is a type of film which all polythene products start life as, laflat tubing is a tube of polythene which has been squashed flat.  Layflat tubing is the most economical and easiest way to package objects of thelayflat same width but various lengths. Layflat tubing is deal for packaging odd shaped, long or ‘difficult to wrap’ items. Insert your product into the tubing and you can either tie the film in a knot or use cable ties to secure both ends.

Layflat tubing film thickness can be manufactured in anything from 15microns up to 250microns in a range of Schulman film colours dependent on quantity ordered.  The film can be treated so labels can adhere to the film without any problems.

Layflat tubing can also be printed in line with you logo, this would be a random print going down the film as it is wound onto the cardboard core.  The film can be extruded with biodegradable additives, ultra violet inhibitors and anti blocking agents to aid opening the film up amongst other things. Please don’t hesitate to ask as we can manufacture a like for like product to your existing stock.

Planet Packaging’s scaffold warning tape is layflat tubing, this is 100mm wide in 60micron film with a random red print going down the film.  It is slipped over scaffold poles while they are being erected to warn the public of their presence and prevent accidents.

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