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Punched Handle Varigauge Bags

Punched Handle Varigauge Bags

Punched handle varigauge bags are a versatile bag that enables us to be able to over print onto it and also print reel to reel. The benefit of a varigauge film is its twice the film thickness at the top of bag to give the punch handle area extra strength – easily able to carry 5kgpunched handle varigauge bags

The varigauge film is made during the extrusion process, while the film is being blown into a bubble two jets of cold air cool one side of the film down making it thicker, this is the handle end of the film.  A cigar or kidney shaped handle is punched out at the top of the bag where the film is thickest to give it strength.

Polythene film comes in a wide variety of colours and thicknesses.  Planet Packaging supply three standard varigauge film thicknesses, 45/90, 50/100 and 62.5/125micron(180/360, 200/400 and 250/500gauge). We use either DEG 68 UK or the Biothene additive during the extrusion process to make the plastic film degradable and thus more environmentally friendly.punched handle varigauge bags

We can only offer Low Density Polyethylene – LDPE for varigauge film.

Punched handle varigauge bags can be printed from one spot colour on one or both sides up to 4 colour spot print.  We can offer from 100 bags overprinted in one colour, for multiple colour upto 4 spot colours the minimum run is from 1,000 bags.  Punched handle varigauge bags are excellent when it comes to small inexpensive print runs, lead time can be from 3-4 days for overprinted bags.

Have a look at a short clip on You Tube of bag conversion and the printing process – forgive the poor quality film!

With a good understanding of the print process built up over the years we can focus on your needs to help you find a solution.

We also use varigauge film for short runs of flexiloop handle carrier bags, 1,000 bags is the minimum production run.  Due to the film thickness at the top of the bag being twice that of the bottom it makes 7773smallthe bag strong enough to heat weld on the flexiloop handle.  This gives the option to the customer to have a short run of what is essentially the more luxury end of the printed plastic carrier bag range.

For a look at the range of coloured film we supply for varigauge bags please follow the link below.

Varigauge film colours