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Printed Plastic bags

Planet Packaging supply a wide variety of printed plastic bags for retail and commercial use:

Patch, Punch, Turn Over Top, Varigauge, Draw Tape, Flexiloop, Vest, Clip Close, Duffle Bags, Rope Handle, Side Gusseted, Block Bottomed, Grip Seal, Flat Bags, Euro Hooked amongst others

Planet Packaging offer all of the printed plastic bags manufactured with a biodegradable additive. This can be either DEG 68UK, Biothene or D2W

Planet Packaging aim to make printed plastic bags intelligent so they start to degrade once they have come to the end of their useful life, this is usually when it enters landfill.  The heat of landfill will accelerate the degrading process of any of the additives listed above leaving inert molecules which cause no harm to the environment.

recycle logo

If you see the recyclable logo above, the polythene of the printed plastic bags is able to be recycled.  This involves it being cleaned and re granulated, its then graded, extruded back into film and used to make black bin sacks, rubble sacks, builders film which is used for damp proof lining amongst other things.  Even with biodegradable additives it is still possible to recycle the film.

Printed plastic bags

Printed plastic bags are still popular in comparison to paper as they are cheaper and more compact so storage is not a problem when retail space is at a premium.  With so many options on bag styles available please don’t hesitate to contact us for a no obligation quote.

For an idea on some of the film colours available please follow the link below.

Varigauge film colours