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Flexiloop Carrier Bags

Flexiloop carrier bags are more toward the luxury end of the plastic carrier bag market, often seen in boutiques and the supermarket ‘bag for life’ is often a flexiloop carrier bag. These are generally made from 75micron film so they have a longer life and can take repeat use without the film ripping.

 The flexible handle is heat welded onto the inside of the bag during conversion, the film is thicker usually about 90microns(360gauge) it is soft to the feel and is generally a comfier bag to carry around.

 Plastic film comes in a wide variety of colours and thicknesses.  Planet Packaging supply four standard film thicknesses, 45/50/63/75micron(180/200/250/300gauge) but we can manufacture film to suit customer requirements. We use either DEG 68 UK or the Biothene additive during the extrusion process to make the plastic film degradable and thus more environmentally friendly.

We can offer both Low Density Polyethylene – LDPE and High Density Polyethylene – HDPE films, LDPE predominantly being the favourite film for cost effective flexiloop handle carrier bags.

Flexiloop carrier bags can be printed from one spot colour on one or both sides up to full colour CMYK process print.  Generally for reel to reel print minimum quantities start from 1,000 bags on flexiloop handle carrier bags.  Print runs of 1,000 bags are made using varigauge film, the film twice the thickness at the handle to give it strength when the flexiloop material is welded on.  Quantities of 3,000 bags and above are manufactured by turning the top of the bag over(TOT) for added strength before welding on the flexiloop handle.

 7773smallHowever with a new digital printing press running in one factory we can offer from 100 printed flexiloop handle bags digitally CMYK printed with a turnaround of 7-10 days.  Designed to give maximum exposure at minimum cost as no print plates are required for this process.

CUBE Clothing, the Fylde Coasts leading independent fashion retailers have just taken delivery of their flexiloop carrier bags for this summer seasons latest fashions.  Please visit their shop at 3-5a Park Road, Lytham, FU8 1QX or shop on-line.

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