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Carrier Bag News

Please feel free to email me any links on carrier bag news stories to and I will post them on here for people to read.

One from the Mirror about greater wax moth larvae prefering to eat plastic carrier bags over your pullover!

Sainsbury’s are doing their bit to keep the packaging industry going.

Although the 5p levy on carrier bags seems to be reducing usage – good news for the environment

The plastics industry has long maintained the importance of educating people about the responsible disposal of litter.  Educating the next generation now may see a major improvement for recycling and reuse in the future.

Tesco’s are set to increase the cost of single use vest carrier bags.

Carrier bag tax cuts carrier bag waste washed up on beaches by almost 50%.

It appears plastic bottles are now a cause for concern in London with very little being done to recycle them!

Investment in UK recycling from a Hong Kong based group.

BREXIT set to tip the scales for future investment and employment